Monday, April 29, 2013

The last few weeks

I have been super busy with packing, trying to keep the house clean, keeping my sanity and making sure Bentley is having fun. We have had a lot of fun days lately. I want to make sure Bentley has really good memories of Utah and if he doesn't remember it when older he will be able to see pictures galore that will show him how much fun we have had in Utah. Here is what we have been up to as of lately.

We had a fun playdate with his cousins at our favorite park. The weather was supposed to be nice and warm however it was way too windy which made it feel way too cold so we were only able to stay for tops 2 hours but the kids had a blast at the park.

Another day we went to Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake which is one of my favorite places to go to. Its free which is a huge plus and they have tons of animals to go check out. Its a life working farm which means they even milk cows there. You can pay and they will let you milk one. We haven't done that yet but hoping we can this summer when we come to visit. My friend Ashley and her cute girl Brae came with us. Our kids have grown up together and are best friends, we are so sad to be leaving them but this day at the farm was the perfect playdate. They had a blast and gave us some good picture opportunities. They love each other. And can I just say that my favorite part is that Braelee calls Bentley "meme" she has called him this for years and continues to. I hope it never stops. We are already making plans on when they will come and visit us. Wish we could pick up all of our good friends and move them with us cause this cute family would be one of them.

We have never taken Bentley to the University of Utah campus so on a day I was dropping Jon off at school we went early and walked around while he showed us where everything is. It is a huge campus and so beautiful. We love this school. My mom was there with us and she was super impress with how big it was.

Then we headed to the zoo with Bentley's cousins and we had so much fun. All the animals were out moving around which made it fun. The only animal not out was the polar bear he was sleeping inside. I took my mom along with me and I am so glad I did because she had a blast hanging out with us and especially with Bentley.

Then another day we went up to Salt Lake City to walk around and spend the day together. We got a really late start but boy did we have fun. We went to the capital building which is beautiful. When we walked inside the ceiling was gorgeous and it had clouds painted on so immediately Bentley wanted to lay down in the middle of the building and look at the clouds and see which cloud animals we saw. We do this every time we have a picnic, its one of my favorite things to do. When I was a little girl I used to do this in Costa Rica and its so much fun to do with my boy. We then headed to temple square which is always breath taking especially around this time of year with all the flowers around. After that we walked over to City Creek and did some more walking around then got some yummy treats and let Bentley play on the playground. It was the perfect afternoon spend with people we love so much and are going to miss terribly.

Reality is starting to try and set in, I am trying as hard as I can to not allow it to set in just yet. Jon said I cannot have a breakdown till after wednesday, his last final. So till then I gotta keep it together.

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