Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tour of Utah

We have become a biking family and we love it.

I personally do not bike half as much as my husband does, he normally bikes 100 miles a week, I might do 20 but we do both have road bike and love being able to go out for rides.

So of course whenever you like a sport you really get all into it. This was a fun way to really get into the sport and get to see what the professionals do. The one cool thing about cycling is that this is the only sport where you are able to get so close to the professionals. Like if I extended my hand out I could have touched most of them. Pretty cool.

Anyways once we found out about the Tour of Utah we decided we would be going to at least 3 of the stages and that we did.

The first stage was in Ogden which was perfect and we had fun seeing the guys for the first time. We also went to stage 3 and 4 and we had a blast at stage 4 up at Capital Hill.

Jon's aunt and uncle are into biking BIG time so they flew out here for this and they had a blast and we enjoyed having them out here. I love when family comes out and we get to stay up late talking and just having fun. We all camped out at Jon's sisters house and the kids had fun playing with each other.

This is George Hincapie.

Bob Roll, used to be a cyclist now is a commentator

The guy in the yellow shirt is Levi and he is the guy who won the Tour of Utah


Midwayedancer said...

How fun! Do you have a little seat for baby? Or do you pull him in a trailer?

Midwayedancer said...
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Laura said...

We pull him by trailer and he loves it.