Thursday, August 4, 2011


My brother the one I am no longer talking to the other day text me asking if I wanted to go to lunch with him. It was the same day I was at Lagoon so I couldn't go but either way I am not sure I would have gone.

I asked him why after 2 months of not talking would he ask me out to lunch and he says that he was hungry and didn't want to have to go by himself and had no one else to go with. What?? Is he crazy? So I start to think that at this point he just wants to use me like he has done for years now and I let him know that that's using someone. He does not see it that way so I try to give him the benefit of the doubt and ask him if maybe he asked me out so we could talk things over and then he tells me that if I am going there to just forget about it. Ummm...yeah this might be a mentally sick person I don't know.

I think because my whole life bad things would happen to all of us and we had to just move on so we would always try to pretend like nothing ever happen and just never talk about it. I am thinking he realizes it sucks not having me in his life but he is not willing to apologize or even talk about it, he just wants to do the normal thing that we have always done in this family but not this time. I let him know that if he wants a relationship with me he will have to apologize to me for the things he said, he will have to acknowledge everything that has happened in our life and stop calling me a liar and he will really have to find out why on God's earth he would ever say the things he said to me. I don't think he will ever do any of that but at least he now knows what he needs to do to have some type of a relationship with me which will never be the same as before.

He actually never really even liked my son. He was super mean to him every single time he would see him. Which makes me sad.

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