Sunday, August 7, 2011


My child is really he thinks we have maids up in here.

I would give him a popsicle and when he was done with it he would either call me to come get it from him or just throw it on the floor. Yeah I finally had to do something. Not only that but he had started dumping all his toys all over the house and would not pick them up. I am not a maid and do not get paid so therefore this behavior needed to come to a stop.

I have heard people giving their young children chores or things they need to do so I figure why not try this. We sat him down and talk to him about what things he needed to help me with and here they are: he must pick up all his toys before going to bed, he must throw out all his trash and diapers and he must help me put away all the utensils after they have been washed. I figured I can't give him too many things to do at this age but he is at least getting the concept that he needs to pull some of his weight in this family.

We also let him know that from now on we will only buy him toys on special occasions but if there are toys he really wants he will have to buy them himself with his allowance money that he gets weekly. If he does all the things he is supposed on a daily basis than he will get $2 a week that he gets to save for things that he really wants.

He already saved enough money to buy himself a spiderman toy that he had been wanting for sometime. I think its pretty cool that he can buy his own things. Throughout the day when he doesn't want to do something I remind him he won't get his allowance so right away he goes and does what he is supposed to.

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