Friday, March 12, 2010


We got to go to California 2 weeks ago.

We had not gone for Christmas and so it had been 8 months since Jon's grandma had seen baby and she was dying to see him. She has a thing for boys and he is the first great-grandson for her. She just loved him and thought he was the greatest thing. She is just such a sweet lady I love her so much. Can you believe she is 90 years old?

We stayed with my husband's aunt who lives off a golf course and it is just beautiful. She is so amazing its like staying with Martha Stewart no lie, flowers in our room, gifts on our bed, breakfast in the morning and amazing dinners. It doesn't get better than that and she absolutely loved baby and he was crazy about her too.

It was a much needed get away. The best thing was we got there and back with less than $100 on gas since we took out mini. Woo hoo! Hopefully we can go back soon. I love it down there.

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