Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

This past weekend my cousin invited Baby and I to go with her and her family to Vegas. I of course was not going to say no so off we went.
What was I thinking? Wait...I wasn't thinking. Seven hours stuck in a car with a baby it not what I would exactly call fun but we made it there and back. We also managed to have some fun and get out of our routine which is always nice. Baby loved all the attention he got. My cousins LOVE babies and so Baby was getting attention non stop. The only bad thing is that since he is now walking and feels comfortable with it he no longer wants to hold my hand. This is no fun for me cause he wants to go where he wants to go and period.

After this trip I have decided that I will not be going to Vegas when Baby is a teenager. Honestly. My cousin has a 14 year old and who brought a friend with him and teenagers and Vegas do not mix. Wow...I was shocked. I have been to Vegas many times but not really noticed how bad it really is.
I know that sounds stupid right?
But since I am an adult it didn't hit me before that its really bad but going with teenage boys whose hormones are going crazy made me really notice everything even more.
Did you know on every corner there are free porn magazines?
And that at night they pass out cards with naked girls on them?
These boys were collecting them like they were baseball cards. My poor son the things he will see in his life time.

My husband and I were talking about this and he said how when he was a teenager to get porn you had to really try hard it was not everywhere but now days it is everywhere. It makes me sad that our children will be exposed to more bad thing earlier in life.

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