Tuesday, January 26, 2010

OCD a little...maybe

I have so many issues that I really do not know how my husband can stand me. Not only am I coco most of the time and according to him love drama but now all of a sudden I am OCD.

This has come out of the blue for me and I am sure for my husband. Before we got married I have never cleaned a day in my life, yes I was very spoiled in that sense by my mother. We got married and my husband did most of the cleaning. When I became a SAHM I of course started doing the cleaning. Within the last month or so though I have become crazy about it. Nothing is allowed to be out of place, I cannot have dishes in the sink. I might clean the same spot multiple time until I feel that its clean.

Not only that my poor baby cannot be dirty at all. I do let him eat and get stuff all over himself but right before taking him out of his high chair I literally wash him up. If we are about to go out he has to be spotless. If there is anything on his clothes I won't take him out like that. Is anyone else out there crazy like me?

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Paola said...

Ok, so maybe you're a little excessive sometimes, but that's coming from someone who HATES cleaning and will gladly hire someone else to come in and do the cleaning for her! That or just invite my mom to come over and she see's the mess and cleans it up for me! You seem to like things neat, that's not a bad thing! Just tell Jon that it's better that you be a neat freak and maybe a little OCD then not clean at all and live in a messy house!