Thursday, January 21, 2010

Big houses are over rated

I love my little apartment.

I always felt like I cleaned, cleaned and cleaned and by the time I was done the day would be mostly over. I think that had me depressed. Not only was I cleaning all day but I never felt like it was clean enough to let my baby go on the floor.

Now in this little apartment I clean for about 30 minutes and everything is done. I could eat off the floor and feel safe. I love feeling like anyone could come visit me at any moment and I won't be embarrassed to let them in. Plus here baby gets to crawl around the whole place and I am not on top of him 24/7.

Having a big home might be someone's american dream or whatever but I have now realized that, that is no longer my dream. They are not only too expensive but take too much time away from your family. I much rather have a small condo or town home and have money left over at the end of the year to vacation with my family and have more time on a daily basis to spend with them.

My brother in law and husband said something so true the other day. We always think that when we buy a house that we own it when in reality we don't. We never own anything until its all paid off and that takes a long time to happen and for most people it never happens. Normally its the bank that owns our house. The only thing we really own are our memories. Gosh if thats not the truth. I don't care what happens in life but no one can take our memories away. Right after that my husband said that he rather go on nice vacations and spend good quality time with his family than have a huge expensive house. I honestly could not agree more with him.


Paola said...

I so agree with you! Everyone keeps asking me and Dan when we plan on buying our own house. They keep saying that we make enough money and all, but honestly we are not really interested in purchasing anything now or in the near future. First of all of anything breaks we are responsible for the repair no matter the cost. Right now if something isn't working in our townhouse we call the landlord and she sends her repair man to fix it and we don't pay a penny for it! Plus it is much less stressful. Right now we don't know what Dan's job will be like in Thr next year or my own for that matter. It's nice to know that if for any reason we can't afford this place I. The next year we can just move! And we LOVE to take 1-2 family vacations every year and I'm not ready to give that up!

Laura said...