Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lady Gaga

Is anyone else obsessed with her or is it just me?

When she first came out I did not like her, she is kinda weird but once I heard her music I no longer cared what she looked like.

I know her lyric are too much about sex but I just really like the sound of them.

This is probably horrible but now I got my baby hooked on Lady Gaga. My husband hates it but oh well. As soon as Bad Romance comes on the radio baby will start to dance and move his head. It is so cute.

Today while he was taking a bath I put the song on and he was in the tub shaking his head and bouncing up and down.


Paola said...

Bentley too? That's too funny, Hayden loves her! I do have to admit, her music is catchy, but I can't listen to her too long! Hayden starts wiggling her hips and head banging when Lady Gaga comes on!

Midwayedancer said...

I am obsessed with her. Wait till Bently gets old enough to talk. The other day Patrick was over and Isaac started singing "yeah" by little Jon and Usher. I was quite embarassed and Patrick was like "How on earth does he know the words to THAT song??"