Sunday, January 17, 2010

Food Storage

Last year my new years resolution was that I would start my food storage. For years and years now the prophets have really made it a big deal that we need to have our own food storage. I never really understood this but last year I thought why not start. What I did was every time I went to the market I would take $5 out and spend it on something to go towards my food storage. I only really did this for about 3 months but within those 3 months I was able to get a pretty good size one going.

These last few weeks that we have been struggling the most with Jon not being paid and all, well I have been able to put dinner on the table every night only because of my food storage. I have thanked my Heavenly Father every day for being able to at least feed my family. It's kind of dumb of me to say this because no matter what I should always listen to what the prophets say but this has really shown me how important it is to do the things that are asked of us.

It is so crazy how our Heavenly Father really knows our struggles and how he will make sure we are taken care of. Right when everything just seemed too much to handle as I prayed I just felt my burdens lifted. How great is it knowing that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us so much.

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