Thursday, January 28, 2010


From here on out I will never again have DIRECTV, they suck!

We got DIRECTV last fall because they are the only ones that have all of the NFL games and I guess we had to have it. I thought that if for some reason we had to cancel early as long as we proved that we were not allowed to have it at the location we were at we would not be charged the cancellation fee. Well I was so wrong.

When we moved to our new apartment we learned that we are not allowed to have DIRECTV here because they already have cable thru Dish. When I called and explained this to them they told me that they didn't care that it wasn't our fault we still had to pay for the cancellation fee. When I tried to talk to a manager they put me on hold for about 15 minutes then came back and told me the manager was on a call and that they would call me back with the hour. LIARS! I waited all day without a phone call. I was pissed so I decided to wait till I had calmed down to call them back. Meanwhile my husband googled to see if there was any way that we could get out of our contract and basically there is no way out. Not only that but we also found out that when you call to cancel they automatically charge the cancellation fee, which now is $380, to your credit card without you even knowing. Knowing this we cancelled our credit card and got them to re-issue a new one and I called them back. Funny thing while on the phone I asked so you will charge my card right? hahaha. I guess I will now just get a bill and pay it little by little like I had wanted to do. 

I guess they have to make money somehow but dang, really when its not even our fault that we cannot have it here. Those people are mean. Never again will I get DIRECTV.

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