Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our 7th wedding Anniversary

I can't believe I have been married to this amazing man for 7 years. He has been the answer to many prayers not only by me I am sure. He walked into my life at a moment where I needed him. I am pretty sure God send him my way because he knew that Jon would be the only person equipped enough to deal with me. 

7 years ago his aunt turned her backyard into a magical place full of all the colors I wanted. She truly turned the place to something out of a magazine. It was the wedding I never thought I would have. 

I had only known my husband in person for a total of 2 months when we were married and I am sure everyone thought we were crazy and that it wouldn't last but we have made it work. We have had to work at this and it ain't easy let me tell you but it's worth it. 

In 7 years we have: 
    lived in 2 states
    6 different cities
    owned 6 cars
    had one child
    owned a pizza restaurant
    stopped going to school
    Jon went back
    got his bachelors in Economic's
    applied and got into Law school
    started law school
    I learned to cook and enjoy it
    learned many hard lessons
    have realized what things are really important to us
    what we want for our future
    became best friends 
    know each other better than anyone else knows us
    love each other more than the day we said "I do" 
    we have grown together

On our 7th anniversary Jon had school so not much was planned plus we are on a really tight budget so  I couldn't plan anything amazing like I wanted to but we have many more years to come where I can hopefully plan something big. I went out to some Korean markets to try and get some meats and things to have a Korean meal since I know that's his favorite but after going to 3 different stores and leaving empty handed because I don't speak korean I decided we would be using our woohoo money for the week on dinner. We already found our favorite Korean restaurant so off we went to go have korean BBQ and it was amazing. They already know us so they bring us out our favorite things. After dinner Jon treated me to some korean deserts which were to die for. All in our we had a good day and so grateful to be in this crazy ride called out lives with him.

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