Sunday, August 4, 2013

Moving to Los Angeles

This first picture has nothing to do with moving to Los Angeles but it was taken the day before and I wanna remember it forever because this boy is so silly. I say lets take pictures and he immediately starts making funny faces. He really cannot take a serious picture most of the time because he really is a silly boy who makes me laugh all the time. These are the faces I see on a daily basis around here. I could be having a bad day but if he starts with his silly faces my day has been made and he knows that so we just don't have too many bad days unless he is throwing a tantrum. I thought we were over those but we our crazy life I guess its just to be expected with all the changes that have happened in the last 3 months.

Ok now about our move.

August 3rd we woke up packed our aunts car to the max and headed to LA as early as possible. Our aunt and uncle offered to watch Bentley for us while we went up to LA since we were coming back that same night cause Jon still had one more week of work. Mind you up to this point I had only been in LA once before and the last time I hadn't really paid attention. We hit traffic which Jon said was nothing compared to what it could be but to me it seemed like a lot of traffic.

We get to our apartment which we had never seen before because when he came up last time it still was being build. I was truly impress at how cute they made the place look. The apartment came furnished which was amazing. It is a very small apartment at 490 square feet but the lay out makes it not seem so small. It truly is perfect for us.

We got everything in and organized. Then we went and walked around the town to see what it looked like. We are right in the middle of Koreatown which felt like home to Jon since he served his mission in Korea. This area is actually kinda scary but more on that later. We then went out to look for some Korean BBQ. If you don't know what this is look it up and find a restaurant near you ASAP. It will change your life forever or at least it did mine.

We found what I believe to be the best restaurant in Koreatown for all you can eat BBQ. The service was amazing which I was grateful for but more than that their side dishes had the things I enjoy and I was able to ask for more at any moment and they would bring it out.

All in all we left LA feeling pretty good about the move and excited for the following week when we would be officially moving in with Bentley and bringing the rest of our stuff.

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