Sunday, August 25, 2013

First week of preschool

Our letter this week was the letter A.

Bentley already kinda knew the letter and is pretty good at writing it. I had 4 books to read throughout the week. 

Our schedule goes as follows:
    Monday-letter introduction along with music videos about the letter of the week
    Tuesday-letter of the week along with some math
    Wednesday-geography, we study a state that starts with that certain letter
    Friday-arts and craft

So on Monday's I have him watch a clip from sesame street with the letter of the week, then we listen to songs that have to do with the letter. He really enjoys this, after that we do a little scripture study which is interesting having him ask me question about Jesus. Tuesdays we go over the letter and trace it on the iPad, then I take out our numbers page for him to trace over the numbers and count. Wednesday we go over different states and he is trying to remember the state bird for each state, so far we have Alabama and Alaska memorized. Thursday we learned about air and read a really cool book. I can't remember the name of it but it had some experiments for children to do to understand what air is. Then Friday we so arts and craft that start with the letter of the week. This is our short day.

If he is able to do everything we need to for preschool after lunch we get to go do something fun afterwards. Last monday since it was our anniversary we didn't do anything fun but after dinner he got to go to the corner store and get an ice cream bar. Tuesday we ventured in Santa Monica which was heaven. I now understand why people pay the crazy amounts of money to live here cause it is so nice living 20 minutes away from the beach. Bentley is in love with the beach, its like he was born to live here. Wednesday we had movie day after preschool. Thursday was a big day since we had my mother in law come visit us, she came with us to the library we go to and then we went to the mall and let Bentley play at the playground for hours, we got frozen yogurt and had a ride on the trolley, it was really a fun day. Friday we do preschool and then packed up for the weekend.

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