Sunday, August 11, 2013

Last week in the desert

For our last week in the desert I wanted to make sure we had a blast and that it was a memorable one for Bentley.

So I took him to storytime which was so much fun, I now wish we had been doing that all sumer long but oh well. We also hit up our favorite spot which is Barnes & Nobles kid section, they have a train set our for kids to play with. We normally go there at least once a week, the summers here are hot so you have to figure out things to do inside to survive because sometimes even swimming is not fun at all. One of those really hot days he wanted to go on a trike ride so off we went and he showed me how he can ride with no hands. Silly boy, he was so proud of himself though. Another night he became a ninja turtle which just means you will be getting beat up on. He also got to hang out with uncle Paul a little bit extra which makes my heart happy. This is one of his all time favorite people I am so glad he has such a great man for Bentley to look up to. Then on Friday he got to go on a date with Meme, I think all his dreams came true that day. He was the happiest boy on the planet. 

Honestly, I am a little sad we are leaving. Having lived out here with Jon's family has made me that much closer to then. They have treated us like their own and have helped us out with anything that we needed help with. They have given Bentley more attention than I ever expected. have loved my boy with all their heart. I am truly lucky to have them around. 

Friday night we started a new tradition of movie night as a family. We all meet up at our aunts house and watch a good movie and talk. It really is so much fun and it now gives me something to look forward to for Fridays.

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