Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy 30th

Happy 30th birthday to my one and only love!

He is getting old that's for sure.

We had a great weekend with our family in the desert and we got to celebrate Jon's birthday. We went out to dinner and after dinner we came back to his aunt's house for cake and ice-cream and she had the whole place decorated for his birthday. I know it was a big birthday for Jon, turning 30 is a pretty big deal.

I am so proud of this man and everything he has done in his 30 years on this earth. I am truly lucky I get to call him mine for eternity.

Funny thing: Bentley has a really hard time whenever it's anyones birthday, he gets really sad and doesn't like wishing anyone a happy birthday. He has told me that it should be his birthday every single day of the year. The kid is funny. Can you tell he is an only child?

Well my man is now 30 years old and we have started a new chapter in our life starting law school. The next 3 years will be hard but so worth it in the end and by end I mean in 20 years when we are hopefully done paying off a mortgage or what a mortgage would be.

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