Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I do not like politics. I feel I am being lied to. And this time every 4 years it turns people I love into people I try to avoid.

Both parties do it. They make fun of the other but this year it has been taken up a notch. It quite frankly makes me sick.

Cannot wait till this is all over and done with.

With that said I am super excited to vote since this is the first year ever I get to vote. Last time I was not a US citizen. So this is a very special election for me.

First let me say I never ask friends or family who they vote for because that means nothing to me. I am your friend no matter what and I have people on both sides that I love dearly. I think everyone really thinks, on both sides, that they are voting for the right person. So for this reason I never bring up politics, I do not like making someone feel any less because of their beliefs.

I grew up very liberal and to be honest I still am very liberal in a lot of my views. However there are 2 very important topics that make me vote republican. One being guns and two being taxes. Let me do a little explaining. I grew up with parents who hated weapons, they were talked about as if they killed people. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. I am an avid gun enthusiast, I love guns. We have multiple in our home that we keep very safe away from our child. I know how to shoot a gun and am not too bad. Whenever I am home alone my gun is loaded a ready to go in my safe. I also own a shot gun, I believe this is something good to own in case you need to feed your family and there is no money. One of the main reasons I keep guns is because there are bad people in this world now days. I want to be protected from them. These people don't go out and get guns legally so if we make guns illegal all that's going to do is stop someone like me from getting a weapon however the criminals and bad guys will still be getting their weapons thru the black market and now I have nothing to defend myself with. That is what I think about guns and why I cannot agree with the Democrats about this. Now onto taxes. Being a small business owner the way Obama wants to tax us will hurt me and any small business owner. Our store makes over $250 thousand a year however my husband and I personally maybe see $30 thousand after everything is paid for if we are lucky. As a small business owner you get taxed on your business earnings as if it were personal income. People talk about how corporations and small businesses get all these tax breaks but that just isn't so.

So here I go to vote for the first time EVER, hoping that Romney will win this election and he can turn this country around.

On that topic today I am truly grateful for the oppertunity I have gotten in this life to become a US citizen and have the right to vote.

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