Monday, November 12, 2012


Today I am so grateful for the sweet neighbors we have always been blessed to have no matter where we have lived.

When we were first married we had amazing neighbors that lived right across from us and to this day I am best friends with the wife. She is more like a sister to me than anything else. Love her to pieces.

When we moved up north we had amazing neighbors right next door who came to our rescue whenever their help was needed.

Then in Ogden our neighborhood was filled with amazing people who cared and loved us.

Once we moved to our apartment where we live at right now we met our neighbors 2 floors below us. Its an older couple who fell in love with Bentley from day one and Bentley keeps on making them fall in love every single time they see him.

They have been so good to us. I have been able to go over and cry to her and just have her listen to me. They treat Bentley like a grandson. Are constantly worried about us if they don't see us for a day or so. I can go to their house at any given moment and just sit down and watch TV or just talk to them while Bentley plays with their dog.

It has been a crazy few weeks and I haven't been able to go over and visit for a while. I make sure I send Jon down there once a week to check on them and let them see Bentley but tonight I went over since Jon needed a few hours to himself to study and get a project for school done. They were so sweet and just listen to me and Bentley, played with Bentley and once I said I was leaving they asked me not to and to stay longer.

They sure made me feel good.

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