Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lord, all I ask for is peace

For the last 5 years, every October my life goes on repeat or at least it feels that way. It happens from October to January.

Our lives become unstable. It makes me a little bit sad since this is my favorite time of year.

I keep saying there is something I must not be learning and that I need to learn from this trial. Last year I was sure I had learned what I needed to learn and that was to have patience and trust in the Lord and not freak out. I handled last year pretty good for the first time ever. I guess that wasn't the lesson though cause we are back at it this year. Quite frankly maybe I don't want to learn a lesson because at this rate I now know how to handle this trial pretty good without freaking out and loosing it and in life once you learn the lesson you are supposed to, you get a new trial it seems. So I'll keep this trial any day.

However it still is a little big stressful and to be honest this year is probably the most stressful and somehow up to this moment I have managed to feel peace in the middle of chaos. For this I thank the Lord. It is such a wonder thing to feel some peace in your life.

Instead of asking the Lord to do things my way like I normally do I have lately just been asking him to allow me to feel at peace with whatever our situation will be. Prayer is a wonderful thing.

I know as it gets closer to Christmas things will get even more crazy and at just the thought of it has me fearing a breakdown but I'll keep praying and asking my Heavenly Father for peace. That's all I really want in my life, peace.

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Midwayedancer said...

I hope you get your wish as you head into a hectic season of your life!