Wednesday, November 21, 2012

God knew we weren't ready to be parents

My husband always says that he believes God knew we weren't ready to be parents when we became pregnant with Bentley and that's why he send such a special little angel into our lives.

To tell you the truth I believe that more and more every day.

This child is something special and I know everyone thinks that about their own kids and isn't that the wonderful part of being a parent that you think your kid is just simply amazing.

It's funny cause we will get asked certain things about parenting and we normally tell people how it was for us but I get the feeling that its not the same for most people. Maybe we are just very relaxed and laid back kinda parents but my child has honestly been amazing from day 1.

From the get go he slept amazingly. We lost sleep but not like everyone talks about it. This boy can sleep, for example no matter what time you get him down he is not happy if he is woken up before 9am. When he was little and I stayed home with him he would sleep all the way to 10 in the morning with no problems and still go down for one or two naps during the day and be asleep by 9pm. I consider ourselves lucky. He was able to latch on pretty easy from day one and breastfeeding was pretty amazing for the both of us. Once he was getting close to a year old I kept on hearing everyone tell me to stop breastfeeding or it would be impossible as he got older. I kept doing it and felt guilty about it, next baby I won't feel guilty. I was super worried though that maybe people were right it would be hard but at 22 months he basically stopped breastfeeding on his own. No pain there and no crying it was a breeze. Then when it came to potty training everyone told me not to expect my child to potty train till after his 3rd birthday. So that's what I was expecting. At 2 1/2 he started getting interested in potty training so I bought some little toilets and put one in each room and let him run around naked all day long. He never had an accident. And within 3 months of doing that during the day and me not asking him to go or anything he had completely potty trained himself to go even at night. I was shocked. I expected it to be much harder.

As of lately, I don't know if it's the age or what but he has been the sweetest boy ever. He listens to me, is behaving like an angel, tells me sweet things that somehow he knew I needed to hear and honestly has made this last few hard months bearable.

I thank my Heavenly Father daily for this sweet spirit that came into our lives during hard times but has made them bearable.

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