Friday, March 30, 2012

Stress reliever

Yesterday I had another therapy session which are always good and much needed for my sanity. I love my therapist, he always gives me such great advice.

We always recap what I have been up to and so I told him I had gone gun shooting and how it was such a great stress reliever. My therapist was completely shocked that I had gone shooting. I guess he didn't see me as someone who would like that.

I have only gone shooting 3 times my whole life. My husband however goes all the time and is always asking me to go but up until lately I have been terrified to even be in the same room as where he is cleaning the guns. After my neighbor incident I decided I needed to learn to use one to protect myself and so that's what I am doing. However it has become a great stress reliever. I now can't wait till we can go again.

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