Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happiness Journal

In my last therapy session I realize (well I kinda knew it before going in) that I am a little bit depressed. I asked my therapist what I could do to get me out of feeling that way without taking meds. He told me that I should probably start working out regularly which I know I should but when you are down its super hard getting up in the morning to work out. Anyways, he also told me to keep a journal and to try and be more positive.

Being positive is not in my nature. I did not grow up with positive parents, everything was negative in my home growing up. Nothing was ever enough. So I started looking online ways to be positive but nothing was hitting a spot until a friend on Facebook posted about "the happiness journal" I immediately went on amazon and looked for it. It's a small journal that gives you 4-5 lines to write about your day. Basically getting you to think about what made your day good. I went to a book store this week and bought it.

Now every night before going to bed I think about my day and what made it a good day. I am loving doing this because then I don't give my self the chance to say "today was bad because..." which I normally would do. Instead I have to look at the good of my day. Just in 5 days I have really noticed a difference in my attitude throughout my day. I also am more aware of making sure I have a good day cause it is a personal choice whether I have a good day or a bad day.

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