Thursday, March 29, 2012

City Creek

A new mall opened up in Salt Lake City last week and everyone has been talking about it. So on my first day off I decided we had to go. We took the train down and had a blast.

They have all the cool stores that use to not be in Utah, which is totally awesome for me. The 3 stores I was the most looking forward to were The Limited, Disney and Tiffany & Co. I was finally able to get some super comfy jeans that weren't ridiculously pricey they were actually super cheap cause they had a sale, woohoo! The girls that work there are all fabulous, every single one was amazing. Then off we went to Disney and I was surprised with how cheap everything was so we got Mookie the Woody he has been wanting for a long time for $20 cheaper than Walmart however I was highly disappointed by the fact that they had only 2 things that were princess Tiana. I had been waiting for a Disney store near me to open up so I could buy Mookie a princess Tiana shirt so that was the one thin I was looking for but was not able to get. I guess too many white people in this state. I like my ethnic princesses better, ha. Then off we went to find Tiffany & Co. I was in heaven, really I heard angels sing when I walked in. Truly a girls dream. There were a lot of beautiful things in that store but this was my all time favorite that maybe some day very far from now I can buy.

All in all we had a so much fun and I will be going back once I get my 50% off coupon for The Limited.