Friday, March 23, 2012

Retail therapy

My best friend has had a rough few years and that's putting it lightly. She has literally been thru hell and back. A mothers worst nightmare came true to her almost 2 years ago. My heart broke for her at the time and I honestly don't know how she made it thru cause I would not have without a visit to the mental hospital. She is truly the most amazing woman on the planet and I am so lucky I get to call her my friend. She is honestly like a sister to me, I love her.

Anyways after Christmas I had some money left over and I didn't know what to do with it cause it wasn't savings money, it was my own money to do as I pleased with it. I kept on thinking about what to do with it. I thought about having a girls weekend in Vegas but turns out I don't have that many good friends here who would or could go.

A month ago Jon and I both came up with the idea of surprising my friend and taking her out shopping. She has recently lost all her baby weight after 3 pregnancies and she totally deserved to go shopping.

Yesterday was the day I was surprising her and that's what I did. I loved getting to shop for her and we were able to find her a couple outfits. I know I love being able to put on new clothes cause it makes me feel good and lifts up my self esteem for just a little bit. Anyways I had a blast doing this for someone who truly deserved it. I wish I had taken tons of picture but just got one not really good one. I'll still share that one.