Friday, February 25, 2011

Utah LDS are different from everywhere else

At our tumbling class the other day I met a grandma who was there with her little granddaughter.

She is african-american and that in Utah is not normal so I of course had to ask why she moved here. It had to do with the military. She then asked me why I moved here and I told her I was LDS. She started to tell me how hard it has been living in Utah. She said had she not known LDS people before moving here she would have just thought that every LDS person was rude and racist.

That makes me so sad because as LDS people we are supposed to love everyone no matter the race or religion or anything else for that matter.

However since I have lived here I have noticed that LDS people are not very nice to people who are not LDS. For example when I first moved to these apartments I would see a mom with her kids outside and I would say hello and smile at her just to have her turn her face away and look somewhere else. The second she found out I was LDS she all of a sudden start talking to me and saying hi and smiling. AHHH!! That makes me so mad.

Listen I am not perfect or very religious but I do make an effort to talk to everyone I see at the playground pool or for that matter even when I go on a walk I will make conversation with people I see out. We are supposed to love EVERYONE not just LDS people.

I have a friend who is in a multi-racial marriage and she has told me that she feels like people don't talk to her or want to be her friend because of that. So sad.


Ashley said...

I hate to say this but its true.. welcome to utah.

Ashley said...
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Brad and Danielle said...

I have noticed a huge difference as well coming from CA. I grew up there and Brad grew up here. And he has noticed a HUGE difference too, just from being in CA for the last few years.

Along those same lines, it seems like LDS people here judge you if you are a working mom. In CA some moms HAD to work because it's so expensive or their husbands lost their jobs.

There are so many judgments that fly here. Which is sad, because just like you said we are supposed love everyone!!