Thursday, February 24, 2011


Today was the second time we went to tumbling.

Last time was really hard since he does not understand taking turns or following direction. It went so bad that he ended up throwing a tantrum and I ended up with a huge bite on my finger. That was the first time he has ever bitten anyone.

I decided that I would start stretching with him at home and doing the routine they do there with him here at home and that way he would know what is going on. He did everything I told him to at home but once we get to the class he wants nothing to do with stretching and then with the other things he just wants to go where he wants to go.

Today towards the end he threw a tantrum and I am starting to think that its because the class is too close to his nap time. So my friend and I decided to change his class along with her little girl to an afternoon class. We start next week with the new time and there will only be 3 kids in that class so more attention from the teachers, I hope it works.

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