Thursday, February 3, 2011


This last Saturday night we had dinner with our new friends. I don't remember if I have written about them.

Jon met the husband in one of his classes and they happen to live like 3 blocks away so finally about 2 weeks ago we had them over and then they called to invite us over for Saturday. I am guessing they like us, yes! This is a very good thing:)

They made an amazing dinner and we get along so well. Jon and the husband were nonstop talking all night long. They seem to have the same interest. Both the wife and husband are very down to earth and not fake.

The best part is how much Baby loves their baby. She is only 5 months old but just the cutest thing. Baby was loving on her all night and making noises to make her laugh and she was just giggling so hard. He also really liked the wife which is weird because Baby does not feel comfortable with people unless he has been seeing them for a long time but he was sitting next to her and when she went upstairs to change the baby Baby followed without me going.

I am so glad we have finally made some new friends.

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mama mouse said...

making new friends is great especially when they have babied too.