Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I am once more having some issues with the in-laws.

I am sure they don't even know because this time around I haven't said anything. Only to my husband.

I am still pissed about no one calling/texting/emailing for Baby's birthday.

And now to add to my thinking that Jon's family doesn't really care about Baby is the fact that we have asked his mom multiple times to come and visit Baby during the week and she hasn't.

What threw me over the edge was....

Baby one day started crying that he wanted to see mom-mom. I didn't even know what to say because before this Jon had asked her twice to come visit Baby and nothing. Well a few days later on a day that she is up here by our house cause she had work till 3pm Jon calls her and tells her how Baby had been crying for her to come see him. We were both thinking that hearing that would make her want to come see him even if its for 2 hours. Well her answer to that was "how sweet, ok I gotta go" ummmm....what in the world. Really? I flipped!

Now it has been over a month from the time that Jon asked his mom to come spend some time with her grandbaby and still we have not seen her.

I think I get so upset with Jon because I feel like he defends his family all the time. He tells me that I need to understand that his mom doesn't feel comfortable here at my home. Please! Excuses, excuses is all I hear. I am so sick and tired of hearing them.

Just come see you precious grandbaby!

Is that too much to ask of a grandparent? Cause I didn't think.

Everytime they have seen him has been because we have made the effort to go down to SLC to have them see him not once have they made an effort to come here to see him.

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