Monday, May 16, 2011

Mama Bear

I took Baby to the playground they have at the mall.

Yeah, that was my first mistake!

Never again...

The second I get there I notice there is a 5-6 year old beating up on all the children.

I know I probably should have left then but that would have been complete melt down which I was not ready for.

Baby plays for a while with no problems, he holds his own.

Then Baby goes down the slide and the bully doesn't wait till Baby is done and he goes down and while going down kicks Baby but I told myself it was an accident. After all it did take Baby a while to get up.

But then Baby goes up the stairs to get on the slide and as he gets to the top this bully grabbed him by the hand and threw him down the stairs.

Oh HELL no!

I lost it, completely!

I ran and grabbed this boy buy the arm and told him what he did was wrong and that I saw him beating up my child and other children and that he needed to stop or leave the ground. Then I asked him who his mom was and of course he didn't tell me.

All the parents around me who saw this happen were scared, I am not even lying.

I was so shocked though that this little boy's mom did not come over and correct him or do anything at least apologize for him. What in the world...

Later on the little boy made a little girl bleed after he kicked her in the mouth and he just walked away and then the mom run out and did nothing. Didn't say sorry, didn't even talk to the child. I was so mad. I could not believe the nerve on some people.

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