Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It was ok.

We went to church, of course by ourselves.

During church in between all the craziness that is my son the ambulance was called for one lady.

I did hear the lady giving a talk say to her granddaughters to please promise her that they would only marry return missionaries.


I really did laugh too.

Trust me people, by the way I wanna scream this out for the world to hear, just because you marry a return missionary does not guarantee that he will stay active or be a good person.

This makes me so mad when I hear it.

Luckily since it was Easter I was already feeling the spirit by then and didn't leave at that point. I did however enjoy Sunday School.

We went down to Happy Valley, aka Utah County for dinner with Jon's family and that was fun. Baby really had a blast collecting eggs which thankfully were all left there.

Sad thing is I didn't even get pictures of him I only have some from the morning at our house but oh well.

One last thought...now that most of my family from Costa Rica is on facebook I get to have contact with them on the regular which is amazing but this year for Easter it made me sad because exactly 7 years ago I was in Costa Rica with my family and Easter there is the best. We have all sorts of food we eat that you cannot get here. So sad.

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