Sunday, July 27, 2008

Trip to Park City

On Saturday aunt Mary took us to Park City to spend all day and sleep there. We got to stay at the Marriot which is a really nice hotel. She also got us an all day pass at the Park City Mountain Resort. They have the alpine ride and coaster and the zip line. We had a blast! We went on the alpine ride first and it was not fun at all but then we went on the zip line and while in line I was getting so nervous since I'm afraid of heights. So I was thinking of not doing it and backing out but I convinced myself that it would be fun and it was, I loved it. I screamed like a little girl, I'm sure I made a lot of people laugh. Then we went on the coaster and that was way fun too. We wanted to do both the zip line and coaster again. So we get on the lift to go up the mountain and on the way there it starts to rain. When it rains they close everything down. By the time we got up the mountain it was full on raining. So they told us we would have to either wait there for a car to come get us or walk down the mountain. We didn't want to wait to we started walking down thinking that it was not that far away. Well we were wrong it was like 2 miles down, and that's a lot for me. So we walked down as it's raining and we got so dirty. I have posted some pictures of the whole day. We all have a blast, we even got a little tan. So I don't know yet how to put words underneath the pictures so I'll explain them in order, the first one I was yelling at Jon, as normal, to straighten up for the picture. The second one we were in line for the zip line ride. The third is Annie and I getting hooked on for the ride. The fourth one is of us walking down the mountain. And the last one is the back of our shoes and legs after the walk down the mountain.

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