Thursday, July 12, 2012

Family Reunion 2

Friday night we drove down to Palm Springs to hang out at aunt Mary's house. Mookie loves being at this house and begs me on the regular to let him move there. He loves his Meme and cries for her at least once a day. I am not even lying, some days it happens more than once.

Anyways....going down the mountain late at night was kinda scary. I mean it's scary doing it during the day so night time just give me a sleeping pill and wake me up once we are down the mountain, honestly. We got to Meme's house and she was up waiting for us and showed us the new lights on the pool plus the waterfalls she just got added to the pool. Looked pretty fabulous.

The next day we just had a lazy day playing in the pool an lounging around. The kids all had a blast swimming and playing. The temperature was 115 so being outside was a no no unless we were in the pool. Once we were done with the pool we played some more rummikub while the kids run around like crazy people throughout the house screaming and us adults ignoring it in the hopes that they would eventually pass out. Jon got on the floor with them all at one point and I kid you not it was like a gang came upon him. When they were done with him and he was able to escape he hid for the rest of the night.

The next day all the cousins left for home but we stayed to have some more time with our family. Plus we needed to see grandma as she is now out of the hospital.

Mookie watched tv with uncle Hank, played with his new ninja turtle toys and tried his hardest to get uncle Hank to play with him. He snuggled up to his Meme and got some much needed hugs from her plus got her to kiss every "ouchie" he had on his body. Thank goodness Meme loves this boy so much and is willing to do just about anything to keep him happy.

We eventually made it out to see Jon's grandma who had a pretty severe stroke last month. She is such a fighter. She continues to show us what an incredible woman she truly is. She is doing so much better however she no longer can talk, walk or eat. For me it was really sad to see her for the first time like that. Just 2 months ago we were seating at the table talking about life and about how much she liked my fake eyelashes. Life can change so fast without any warning. I told myself I wouldn't cry in front of grandma but who was I kidding. What broke my heart was seeing Mookie be so worried about her and ask her "grandma do you feel better?" "you gonna be ok?". When this first happened Jon flew out to make sure he saw her just in case so Mookie had tons of questions and I didn't want to lie to him so I told him that grandma was very sick and at the hospital. I didn't think he would understand but he immediately started crying, completely broke my heart. Breaks my heart that Mookie won't remember the grandma I know however he sure does love her. Kept on kissing her while holding her hand. She recognized us but slept moved of the time.

Sunday night Jon's family took me out to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my birthday. We had yummy food and fun talking to everyone. I was super spoiled by everyone too.

On Monday we got ready to leave but decided right before leaving to go visit grandma one more time and boy am I glad we did. She was super alert and was awake the whole time we were with her. She got really happy when she saw Jon and Mookie. She loves her boys that's for sure. She kept on looking at Jon and holding his hand like she didn't want him to go. I got to brush her hair and fix it. Mookie wanted again to hold her hand and give her all the kisses in the world.

So sad that we had to finally leave but it was a good vacation and made plenty of memories. We were off the Vegas where we were going to spend the night.

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