Sunday, July 22, 2012


Since getting back from California I have been trying to bike more often every week and just trying to be more outdoors in general.

Summer is going by too fast and before I know I will be wishing I had taken advantage of the beautiful weather.

Jon and I have started riding in to work together. At first I thought it would be a big mistake as I would be completely wasted after a 10 miles ride in to work but it was the complete opposite. I had so much energy the rest of the day. I work a 9 hour shift on my feet the whole time and then ha enough energy to ride back home.

This last week though I think the biking gods have it out for me as I have had 2 flats back to back which have completely ruined rides that I was so excited about.

The worse was yesterday 7 miles into our ride to Salt Lake from Clearfield I got a flat. I was so excited to do a 30 mile bike ride but such did not happen.

I am truly enjoying the outdoors. Hopefully I can keep up the rest of the good months.

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