Friday, July 27, 2012

Adams Canyon

Mookie has been asking me to take him "rock climbing" which means hiking to him. The other day I told him if he wanted to go he would need to ask tio so that same day he asked to which my brother said "of course" since he lives hiking.

So we planned to go to Adams Canyon since at the top of the hike there is a waterfall and we all thought that would be fun.

So Sunday rolled around and off we went. The hike is less than 4 miles round trip however it took us about 4 hours total there and back with some rest time.

I would not believe it had I not been there doing it but Mookie hiked up all by himself with no complaining. I am so proud of him. I kept on telling him this would make him stronger and if he felt his bummy getting a workout to which he would respond "not yet mami, ask me later" I love that boy.

The hike was beautiful the whole way up and the waterfall was just simply amazing. We had an amazing time. Mookie fell asleep on the way down so between my sister and I we carried him down, which was hard so I need to find my carrier for him.

So doing this hike again. I feel re-energized and it was truly a great way to relief some stress. I do love nature.

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