Sunday, December 18, 2011


Before I forget I have to post this funny story that happened while on our way to California for Thanksgiving.

Before telling you the story I have to tell you that after having a child I am no longer embarrassed of being seen naked, most of the time.

We always stop in Vegas to eat at our favorite Korean restaurant but this time I really had to go pee right as we got off the highway. Like I could not hold it in anymore. So we get off and stop at In-n-Out, I take Baby with me. The bathroom is full so we wait finally get our turn. We go in the stall and as I am in the middle of peeing Baby opens the door completely for everyone in the bathroom to see me peeing and naked. I immediately yell and tell him to close the door but he thought it was too funny and wouldn't close. So now I have to stand up and close it so of course everyone in their mother had to see me naked. Oh and I was in the handicap stall so I actually ha to walk to close the stall.

I was so embarrassed! One person at a time seeing me naked no problem, about 10? Yeah that is too much for me to handle. I had to wait till everyone left the bathroom till I came out and ran as fast as I could out of that place. First time in at least 7 years I have been so embarrassed but it's a funny memory that I wanted to write down and laugh about later on in life.

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