Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Aguilera's

Well my family is moving to Utah. They are actually on there way as we speak and should be here by tomorrow night. You would think I would be super excited about this and maybe if this had happened a few months ago I would've be but right now its kinda bitter sweet.

You see I am kinda hurt by my parents and one sibling. All three are coming off as really ungrateful which makes me sad because my husband and I have done a lot in the last year for this one sibling and for them not to be grateful about it really hurts. I am now coming off to them as a trouble maker and liar. I cannot believe that my parents have taken sides it really hurts. The funny thing is that my mother will talk to me like nothing is wrong but I have my other siblings calling me and letting me know what my parents are saying behind my back. I thought we were all adults. My father hasn't spoken to me in about 3 weeks because I wouldn't help this one sibling out.

I know that once they get here I will have to have a lot of boundaries with them because they say a lot of things that in my books are not okay to say. I feel differently about the church then they do and that is causing some issues too, so it should be interesting how it all turns out.

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