Monday, August 30, 2010



Today while at the playground with Baby a kid who is 2 years old comes to where we are at and starts pushing my son. I always thought I would lose my cool in a situation like this but I didn't. Instead Baby stood up for himself and pushed the kid right back and yelled at him, I was shocked and happy at the same time. This kept going on for about 10 minutes everything my son would do would bother this kid who came to where we were. Finally the little girl who Baby always plays with said we should go to where the slides are so we did. Baby was having a blast going down while the little girl caught him and then comes mr bully and starts pushing my son again. This time in a very soft and gentle voice I told him its not very nice to push other kids and that he would not like to be pushed either. The other little boy there even told me "he is mean and not treating your son nicely, huh?" so the other kids were seeing this at one point the little girl came up to me and said "he is a big bully isn't he?". Baby was about to go down the slide when the bully comes over and pushed him to the side and sits down but will not go down the slide so when Baby tried to push him to the side to go down mr bully pushed him really hard and Baby almost fell. I had had enough. I again very nicely said please do not push him, he is smaller than you and its not a very nice thing to do. I was shocked by the response, he looked at me with such anger and roared at me and then spit in my face, wow, I could not believe it. I didn't even know what to do, so I turned to him after grabbing Baby and said again in a soft voice I am so sorry that you are such an angry little boy and I left the playground. I thought about going to his mother and telling her but she had been drinking while she was outside and I didn't want to have to deal with someone who might have a buzz or something.

I am so saddened by this situation that a little 2 year old would think its ok to spit in an adults face and also by the anger he was showing at such a young age. Amazing parenting right there. I am not the perfect mother by all means but my gosh this woman saw her son push my son for about 10 minutes and she did nothing at all. Come on people show your children how to be nice human beings. I do not allow hitting, biting, kicking or pushing in my house or anywhere else so I think that I was expecting the same from other parents but I was wrong. Its so sad because I don't want Baby thinking that those things are ok cause they are not in my books so I grabbed him and left the park to wish he was super sad about, poor thing then we were stuck in the house the rest of the day but he kept taking me to the door.

Parents around here amaze me. Clearly there are a lot of issues in this situation but one of them is why on earth would you allow your 2 year old to be outside in a playground by himself. I sometimes think people want their children to be kidnapped no lie.

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