Saturday, November 2, 2013


How my boys loves this day, it probably is one of his all time favorite days in the whole entire year.

This year he had told us a while back he wanted to be a Ninja Turtle so we were all game for that however every other child in America had the same idea, at least thats what it looked like. At the beginning of October when we normally buy his costume every Ninja Turtle costume in his size were gone and the ones left they were selling for $60 and that's where I draw the line. There is no way on earth I am spending $60 on a Halloween costume that will get one day use for a few hours at that. So I became mean mami and said no. His second choice was heat blast which is a super hero from the show Ben-10 which he is obsessed with. When I saw the price on that one I was one happy mama. So heat blast it was for Halloween and I think he looked mighty fine.

He have always celebrated Halloween at my sister-in-laws every since Bentley started going out for it so this was the whole reasoning behind me going to Utah. We would like to keep that tradition as long as we possibly can. Bentley had so much fun going out with all of his cousins to go trick-or-treating. This was actually my favorite year so far. Thank goodness we normally only last an hour maybe so we don't get too much candy.

Bentley and candy do not mix. So I normally only allow him to have a few on Halloween night and they I hide the candy and only allow him one a day. I know I'm horrible but this child has the worse teeth ever and going to the dentist is pricey so I gotta be mean.

By the 31st I was really missing Jon, it had been 3 weeks since I had seen him and my ride back had now pushed going home for another 5 days so I freaked out and told Jon to figure a way to get me home the very next day cause everyone was starting to get sick and I was worried of catching something or Bentley getting sick and I was home sick already. My husband always comes to my rescue and I was back in California the very next day by noon.

We had a great trip back home but we are never going back for that long, the longest I can be gone from my normal routine is 10 days before I start to go all crazy. I enjoy having a routine.

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