Sunday, November 13, 2011


I have never in over 10 years of owning a phone had a smart phone. When I say this to people they are shocked but it's true.

For some reason I just never really wanted one. My husband has had an iPhone since the first one came out so I just used his whenever I wanted, it was no biggie.

However when I heard about the new iPhone coming out and how awesome the camera on it was I started thinking I might want one.

So after years of my husband wanting to get me one I finally let him. It took over a month to get it after we purchased it but it was worth the wait. I am in love. He got me a white one which is even better, I think.

Honestly though this thing is pretty awesome. I can even blog from it. Can you believe that? Haha...I am sure everyone knew that and I am just years behind.

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