Friday, June 21, 2013

Middle of June

As it turned out my brother had a whole week in June off from work and it happened to be that week I left Utah. He had been dying to come out and visit us and of course I am always up for having my brothers hang with me so I was super excited I was going to have someone to drive with back to California and to hang out with me for a week. We had a fun week filled of pool time, exercising, spa time with Jon and going up to the mountain for a little getaway. My brother said this was the best trip to California ever which meant a lot because I tried my best to make it the best. We had a blast at the lake house playing games, talking till late and playing in the sand along with go carting. I did get sick right after getting to California with whatever Bentley had and shortly after my brother caught it while on vacation but thank goodness he was able to go to the spa and enjoy the steam room and sauna and sweat most of the illness out or at least I told myself that.

Then came time for him to go home which is always sad for me to have to say goodbye. So I woke up early and took my brother out for breakfast just the two of us. It felt so good just to go out with my brother and get to talk to him while we had breakfast. That will be one of my favorite things I will remember from that trip forever. I love my brothers and miss them like crazy, other than Jon and Bentley they come next. So glad I was able to have both my brothers visit me this summer.

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Midwayedancer said...

Sounds like a great month filled with wonderful family memories.