Sunday, July 4, 2010

He is a boy! Not a girl...

People are something else. I might have posted about this before but I am so upset or hurt or whatever it is.

Yesterday at the fair I was told Baby was a girl about 5 times. Towards the end I was just laughing in their face and right away calling him dude and then I went off in spanish with my cousin. This is my problem. He was wearing a green pair of shoes with a blue pair of shorts. What about that outfit is girly? Really people? If you aren't sure just don't say anything. How come some people can tell he is a boy but then other people can't? Are they blind?

That was I woke up determined to go to church and make it thru all of sacrament. I had to go by myself. I had a great morning and Baby and I went off to church. Everything was going great the middle of the sacrament while the bread is being blessed a little girl, she looked to be about 3 years old, screams "daddy is that a girl" pointing to Baby. Then EVERYONE around us of course had to turn around and see including the girls parents and they didn't tell her yes or no, so I yelled "it's a boy". Mind you all of this is going on while is super quiet. Ok, todays outfit for church was blue and white shoes, blue and white striped shorts and a polo shirt with blue and gray stripes. Not only that but if you have ever gone to church there is never a little girl wearing shorts. Am I right or maybe I'm crazy. So since the parents didn't tell her he was a boy she kept on yelling out "is that a boy". By this point I was super pissed at these parents and the little girl. I am not even kidding, come on people shut your kids up ok. Seriously...even the people around them were feeling uncomfortable. The only lady at church that knows me just kept on looking at me like she was saying "I'm sorry". After about 30 minutes of this going on I just left church I was too embarrassed.

I understand my little boy has long hair but it is not girly hair its long boy hair. He doesn't even look girly. Maybe I need to start taking him out with a shirt that says "I am a boy not a girl get it right". I might actually get one for next Sunday.

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