Friday, June 18, 2010

I need more days like today

Today has just been a great day.

Baby woke up at 8am which felt so good to sleep in. Ate all his breakfast and some. Watched some buggy show that he loves. Took a shower with me. Took a 2 and a half hour nap. Woohoo. I also slept. Then we went to the pool, played in the pool ate some snacks and made some new friends some who watched Baby for me while I just relaxed, how awesome. We were there for about 2 hours then came home took another shower and napped for another 30 minutes. Baby was in an amazing mood so we went to Jon's work and had dinner with him and had Jon play with him for a little bit since he doesn't get home till past bedtime. Came back home played and talked with our older neighbors that Baby just loves. Got dressed for bed, did our bedtime routine and Baby was down within 10 minutes. Yay! I need another day like today. If it continues I might start craving another baby, haha, yeah right I am not that crazy yet.

Yeah I know there was no cleaning done today but who cares. That will have to wait till sometime tonight when I get the desire to clean.

Baby had been sick for a few days so having a day like today was very much needed. Plus making a friend that lives in these apartments and has a baby about the same age as Baby is good I might not go crazy living here.

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